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Rusler's innovative Mooring Mate represents the new generation Boat Hook. With a uniquely futuristic, stainless steel, hand formed head shape, the Mooring Mate is a boon to Boaties of all persuasions. It has many new exciting features not found in the old traditional Boat Hook design that has inherent, problematic features.

1/.  Mooring Mate will Grap, Hold or Scoop your mooring line with ease, certainty and safety.

2/. Mooring Mate is an absolute must for Boaties with a Swing or Floating Mooring. Or for scooping the mooring line directly off your jetty.

3/. Mooring Mate offers a wide opening gape to capture the mooring line in any configuration.

4/. Inexperienced or Helmsmen lacking confidence can capture any mooring line on the first attempt. A rewarding positive smile of success is always noticeable - especially from the Capt.

5/. Mooring Mate is mounted on an alloy telescopic handle with a standard reach of 2 metres. (6 1/2 ft.)

6/. Mooring Mate is also available as a detachable head (ROC062B) and can be replaced with a cleaning brush ( available as a separate purchase - ROC062C) for boat cleaning duties.

7/. Mooring Mate is hand-made from quality, marine grade stainless steel for strength and durability in the ocean environment. It can be `Custom Made` to suit your boat size or specific needs.

8/. Mooring Mate is also available on a fixed handle of desired length.

9/. Mooring Mate will not let go of your mooring line. It will still hold the mooring line even if you accidentally release the handle.

10/. The Mooring Mate takes just seconds to master. We guarantee you will never regret purchasing this new innovative boating tool.....

SKU: ROC062 TAG: Salt Water Series

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