Fluorocarbon Spools 20m x 8Lb

Tecni - Perline


Tecni-Perline Fluorocarbon Spools 20m x 025 x 8Lb

TECNI-PERLINE FLUOROCARBON is made from the finest Japanese Polyvinylidene Fluoride available in the world! This product stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Generally fluorocarbons have bad memory and are extremely hard and springy but we have through years of testing managed to produce a more supple, low memory fluorocarbon! Apart from Fluorocarbon  matching the light refractivity of water making it virtually invisible, our more supple product allows your bait to move more naturally in the water. Putting these two advantages together in the same product makes it once again stand out as the best there is!

SKU: TF20X8 TAG: Flurocarbon

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