Rusler Fishing Equipment Takes On A New Challenge

Over the past year we have been taking even closer notice of what our customers are wanting. We have developed new products, made some improvements to some existing products and really begun to meet the market with better innovation and technology. Part of this process is the upgrade in progress our Rusler Fishing website and our online shopping service we offer you.

Rusler Fishing is dedicated and focused on delivering top quality fish landing and capture equipment that is made by us here in New Zealand and made for the world! A small team driven by excellence, we are now able to offer you better online viewing and shopping for our growing product range along with better branding, ongoing support and our solid 5 Year Warranty.

You can still expect excellent quality products, prompt service and shipping, along with ongoing customer support. We are changing our branding to lead our improved approach and to ensure our loyal and new customers that we are dedicated to bringing them and you the best fishing equipment we can. Keep a regular eye on our blog for new fishing reports, our innovative designs, helpful and insightful information to make your fishing a better experience and more news and reviews.

Team Rusler


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