What Our Customers Say About Us

" In 1997 I went to Alaska for a 3 month fishing adventure with some friends.  We took a range of rods and reels and just one landing net, the original Rusler. 
We broke all the fly-rods trying to fight king salmon and interestingly they all broke in the same place, just above the cork. 
We also had to replace all the fly reels as they broke  down for different reasons.  However, in spite of brutal treatment, the Rusler net survived.  

20 years have passed since that once-in-a-lifetime trip and along the way I’ve used other Rusler products, mainly for salt water fishing but also some lake fishing.  
They are solid, durable and the company has been able to supply me with replacement parts like net bags when I needed them. 
I like the fact that they are always bringing out new innovations.  I don’t get to fish much these days but when I do, I need my gear to work. 
Unlike other more fickle products like reels and waders, the Rusler products just seem to last."

~ Denis O'Shea

CEO - Mobile Mentor 
Member of the NZ Fly Fishing Team 1995 - 1997

~ Wayne Downer

" Over the last few years I've used a Rusler "supreme" net, it's lasted 2 boats and is in it's 11th year. This net is strong and takes the knocks, it won't bend like an alloy framed net and most importantly the rubber net looks after the fish I release.

This year I've added a Rusler Iki spike to the boat, the quality of the Iki is every bit as good as the net and other fine products in the Rusler Range."

Apparently the word is getting out that your Rusler lures are hot.  When I received your package of lures I went right out the next day for some trial work.  
The way I used them enhanced their action and we caught lots of nice fish.  
Here is the technique... 
Fishing inshore two of us dropped lures in 40 or 50 feet of water then ran the boat out a hundred or so yards.  Then we slow retrieved them.  Then ran the boat our again then re wound the lures in. When we began to catch some fish we boxed the area in.  
We tried other lures along with your lures and yours were doing better.  We also caught a 23 pound halibut and various bass and bottom fish.  
Well done Rusler !  Welcome to America.

~ Ron Levin

Huntington Beach, California

Dear Russell,

                 " I am a great fan of your Rusler products I have Rusler nets, 3 different gaffs & your flounder light and spear. In this age of throw away product it’s great to see & use fishing gear made to last a life time and then some.

Your Hand Gaff goes on all my overseas fishing trips it’s been to Carolina, South Africa & lots of Pacific Islands. Must have... bit of gear for sport fisho’s. Keep up the good work. "

~ Scott Stonex

Auckland, New Zealand

~ Pete Godfrey - Turangi

 “ this is my PB rainbow of a whisker under 10lbs - caught on a local lake on a size 14 nymph, landed with my trusty 14 year old Rusler net and still as good as new."

Salmon Netted with Rusler Landing Net

~ Michael Jones - Auckland

My first ever salmon caught after three years of trying! Rusler netted for sure!

offshore Fishing

~ Ian Jones - Dorset, UK

I am lucky to have travelled and fished all over the world for sea and game fish. 

I visited New Zealand 15 years ago and came across a Rusler net at Fish City in Albany and could see the quality immediately.
Since then every net I have bought has come from Rusler..........
six so far..........and they are all still in great shape.

" I celebrated my 60th Birthday on the banks of the famous River Test fishing in what was once Prime Minister Disreali’s front garden.
My fishing buddies asked what I wanted as a special gift, so I asked for a landing net - but with the specifics that I needed built in. Folding for ease of carrying, telescopic handle to reach over the backside weed (no wading allowed), big enough for occasional sea trout and salmon, stainless for strength and longevity, and a weigh scales built in so I could catch and release and still brag with confidence!
And delivered from Rusler NZ came exactly what I wanted......it even had a compass in the handle. Made to measure and perfect for what I wanted."

~ Dr. Nick Wilkinson - Farnham, UK

Hey Russell,

" We have been having a great time using your lures over here! Catching a good variety of fish by using them!   Keep up the great work! "

~ Leon Fultheim

Long Beach, California

To Rusler, 

" These are some of the fish I have been catching on the Rusler lures.  The order went well, the catching was wonderful.  Thanks for coming up with the unique lure design. "

~ Bob Allison

Seal Beach, California

Fishing on a friends boat using a Rusler Lure. They really work in our waters!
Please send me three more of the 80gm Inchiku Lures with the abalone shell.
You have my details. Keep up the good work!

~ Tim Fagan

Southern California U.S

Your lures are providing us with nonstop action!
Just amazing! 

~ Leon Fultheim

Long Beach,  California


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