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 We offer a definitive range of high quality fishing nets, gaffs and other fishing accessories. From JetSki to Kayaks to General Boating - small craft to luxury craft; we cater for all fishing genres including our famous Fly Fishing landing nets...


If you own an expensive boat, the last thing you want to happen is for it to run into the dock or crash into the slip while you are trying to manoeuver into place. If you are trying to dock the boat alone a 
Mooring Mate is just the ticket to get synchronised with your dock line quickly and efficiently. Russell's new innovation is definitely the better mouse trap.

Please read our Blog on the Mooring Mate vs traditional boat hook....

For NZ customers the RRP price is $NZ120 but an introductory special price of $NZ99 for the standard model (up to 2mtrs. extended) is being offered until the promotion expires in October 2018

For US Customers the cost is $US120.00 for the standard Mooring Mate. This price includes delivery anywhere in the United States of America. Payment options available ~ PayPal or Credit Card (Except American Express.) For a custom made Mooring Mate to suit your large Ketch or Launch contact us for a firm delivery price.

Cutting Edge Fishing Net Material

The net bag shown in action is the latest in rubber braided netting material. Designed and manufactured for strength,  performance and fish friendly. After sourcing and testing various types of materials this new material has been selected as a stand out winner. We sew these net bags to our own design providing a deep, fish friendly, lightweight result.

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Rusler Simpson Landing Net

Absolutely Fantastic!!

~ Jon Fox 

Hunting & Fishing
Keri Keri 

The Rusler all stainless steel Simpson Landing Net complete with our rubber coated braid net bag. Notice even with a small s/s frame of 1500mm circumference it swallows even a large fish. Brilliant!! Coupled with the strength and durability of Rusler Nets it makes for a perfect match.

And yet another monster caught in a Rusler Simpson Net by the same author. Get the head in the net and the rest follows comfortably with the strength of stainless steel. No bending or uncertainty!!

Well done Jon!

What Our Customers Have To Say

I have been a supporter of NZ-made “Rusler” landing nets for over 15 years now and remain impressed with the finished quality, functionality and durability of all their products. I’ve used many net brands over the years, but nothing matches the latest addition from the “Rusler” stable … the ‘Extreme’ … in terms of strength, balance and ability to handle our large trout. During last fishing season I field tested the new all stainless steel “Rusler Extreme”, under the range of demanding conditions that our fishery poses. It performed superbly in all facets and remarkably, looks as good after 120+ days in the field as it did when it was just out of its original package.

~ Tony Entwistle


Rusler is an Auckland New Zealand based fishing equipment manufacturer, wholesaler and online retailer. The Rusler™ range is precision engineered to last and hand assembled by one of the most passionate fishermen around, owner Russell Rothwell.
For the last 20 years our NZ made products have been tested and proven on oceans, lakes and streams throughout the world.
Our unique products have been designed with the end user and harsh conditions in mind; selecting only the highest quality components including premium marine grade #304 & #316 stainless steel; multiple net bag options to suit the targeted species and the innovative, finishing features that sets all Rusler products apart. Rusler sets the standard by which other products are judged. That’s why our fishing gear is one of the most trusted names in the fishing industry. 

More From Our Customers

On-board "PURSUIT” we've had the privilege of using a number of Rusler quality fishing products over the last four years to good effect. While there's a wide range of locally manufactured items to choose from, we have selected just a few that specifically suited our purposes. 

The small Rusler hand gaff has found particular favour with my crewmen while lifting large kingfish over the rail that are destined for tag and release-after a healthy photo session that is!  Endeavouring to lift 25-40 kilo kingis without the aid of these robust little stainless hooks would be far more difficult to achieve that's for sure!

Gaining almost as much acclaim has been the Rusler Ike spike, this time for fish destined to the fishold. Initially we obtained the standard spike designed for mainly snapper. These are great little spikes which are ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand very nicely but for our purposes simply not long enough. Getting into kingis brainboxes is not that easy and requires extra penetration to be effective, hence Russell designed and built us a purpose spike that does the job quickly and effortlessly-just what you want to ensure a quality product with maximum shelflife. 

Another item we often use (when we're having a good day!) is a sling for weighing fish prior to release. In the past we often had anglers who were keen to release their trophies but demanded a weight. This was nigh on impossible without killing the fish but now easily achieved. By simply placing our deck hose light in the fishes mouth we can comfortably keep them alive and healthy, suitable for release, for many minutes. In this way we have saved many fishes lives which heretofore would have been destined for the smoker. We LOVE our sling!

Another valuable piece of equipment which seasonally gets huge use on board Pursuit is on of Russell's many nets. We employ his long handled small mesh net when catching koheru for the livebait tank. The ultra-soft mesh means the baits are handled well after capture, ensuring their effectiveness later on. Koheru have very soft mouths and if attempting to merely lift them onboard more than half will either be lost or damaged on the deck after a hard landing!  This also has been known to escort the occasional large snapper onboard as well!

There are so many other Rusler products in the scabbard which we haven't used yet but plan to in the future. One thing I particularly like is the fact that these products are not only hand made in New Zealand but the componentry is sourced here as well-something you don't see much of in this day. While they may cost a little more to purchase, they last infinity longer-like they say"nobody ever regrets purchasing quality" and this is exactly what Rusler products are.

I can't recommend them highly enough!

~ Rick Pollock

Charter Boat Operator
“Pursuit” Whakatane

Need Fishing Product Advice?

When it comes to expert advice take advantage of asking the gentleman who has designed and tested the entire range of the Rusler fishing gear. 

Russell will be more than happy to share his fishing knowledge to help you get the right product for your requirements. He may even suggest  some of the best fishing locations if you ask him on a good day.

The Rusler online fishing store has a wide range of premium quality equipment, from fly fishing freshwater products to saltwater deep sea sporting goods. 

Rusler Fishing Quality Guarantee

Rusler Fishing Equipment Guarantee

Everything you purchase at Rusler is backed with 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back. 

You don’t take any chances at Rusler ….ever !


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