How To Iki a Fish

April 22, 2019

How To Iki A Fish

The word Iki Jime ( pronounced Iki jimi  or colloquially as just "Iki" ) is a Japanese word describing the immediate and effective mannerof executing a captured fish in preparation for eating.By putting a fish out of it's misery quickly and efficiently following it's su...
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New Generation Boat Hook

Rusler's Mooring Mate was designed and developed as a result of first hand experience from learned Yachties and Boaties who, over the decades, have been frustrated and intimidated with the traditional, problematic boat hook design. For example the mooring line can easily sl...
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Over the past year we have been taking even closer notice of what our customers are wanting. We have developed new products, made some improvements to some existing products and really begun to meet the market with better innovation and technology. Part of this process is th...
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