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New Generation Boat Hook

Rusler's Mooring Mate was designed and developed as a result of first hand experience from learned Yachties and Boaties who, over the decades, have been frustrated and intimidated with the traditional, problematic boat hook design.

For example the mooring line can easily slip or slide off the hook unless adequate tension and applied pressure is exerted on the line itself. The hook must also be rolled over in order to lock the mooring line in place. The entire process can be somewhat of a hit and miss exercise ..every time! In twilight or the dark of night this can be even more stressful because the hook area is so small by comparison to the Mooring Mate!

Over the ages the traditional boat hook design has been available in various guises, from brass to stainless steel to nylon/plastic; but all basically with the same shape or slight variations to the similar theme; and the same limiting factors remain..... In many boating circumstances when docking their expensive pride & joy the anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty that pervades the mindset of the person in charge of retrieving or capturing the mooring line can be quite intimidating and even frightening!! Even by an experienced Helms person. It's an essential boating task that can quickly turn into a nightmare under certain circumstances.  Little wonder the traditional docking tool can become the source of much matrimonial discourse and disharmony.  Even through experience gained and expertise developed accidents do happen... . The mooring line can be missed accidentally; there is wind against tide; there is a sudden lack of coordination or concentration at a critical moment; sometimes there is simply a case of a seniors' moments kicking in. We've all been there. It can be an unpleasant, uncertain basic duty to perform and no-one likes to be shown up as incompetent or made to look a fool....Sadly it also becomes a true test of self discipline when screaming or shouting on the boat is regarded as totally unacceptable behaviour.

How much more satisfying and pleasant it would be if a mooring line retrieving tool was discovered that makes life easier and more certain of success at a first recovery attempt ......every time!

Rusler Fishing Equipment are proud to Introduce MOORING MATE, a sleek, and slender, futuristic design that represents a new generation boat hook. Manufactured in NZ from marine grade stainless steel bar and shaped to a propriety design the Mooring Mate makes docking failures a thing of the past. The wide gape of approx. 120mm at its leading edge ensures the capture of the mooring line into the mouth of the design. The mooring line then flows into the bends of the Mooring Mate to be either captured, grabbed or held. The inbuilt rollers allows the mooring line to be lifted with minimum friction from a tethered position and rolled into place. If you wish to fasten the mooring line to your boat the Mooring Mate can be lashed to the bow rails with the mooring line still attached. It won't let go.

Mooring Mate is a boon to boats berthed at a swing or floating mooring. Even at marina berths the Mooring Mate will lift the mooring line off the jetty with ease and certainty at the flick of your wrist or easily retrieved from a hanging line.

Mastering the Mooring Mate with confidence only takes a few moments to learn its multiple functions and advantages.  It's like the new excitement of learning to drive a modern car with all the latest bells and whistles. A little practice does makes perfect with even a novice becoming proficient, instantly.

The s/s head shape of the Mooring Mate weighs only 155 grams (5oz); is strong and sturdy and is tapped and screwed into the nylon/glass collar. We can manufacture to a desired handle length on either a telescopic or fixed anodised aluminium handle. The basic model Mooring Mate is mounted on a two metre extended telescopic handle. The overall weight is just 615 grams (21.70 oz or 1 1/2Ib). Little wonder lady sailors quickly fall in love with their lightweight, easy to use, practical and responsive MOORING MATE! All the hallmarks of a lasting love affair......... Learn More

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