How To Iki a Fish

How To Iki A Fish

The word Iki Jime ( pronounced Iki jimi  or colloquially as just "Iki" ) is a Japanese word describing the immediate and effective mannerof executing a captured fish in preparation for eating.

By putting a fish out of it's misery quickly and efficiently following it's successful landing (in a Rusler Net of course! ) the theory is that by using the Iki method of despatch a fish is less under stress than just left thrashing about on deck or unceremoniously left in a chilly bin to die. Which does seem rather crude and inhumane.
When under such stress it has been determined that fish release a certain hormonal enzyme into it's blood stream that has a detrimental affect on the delicacy, taste, texture and longevity of the flesh.

We bow to the superior Japanese wisdom, culture and expertise when it comes to cooking refinement. The correct method of execution is to insert the Iki point about 3cm after and above the eye into the brain and nervous system as soon after capture as possible.

We at RUSLER endorse this humane and practical `Iki` method of less 
suffering than necessary....and every Boat with a serious Fisherman on 
board should possess one !
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