Removable Sinkers as 4 x pack per size (3oz x 3)



Rusler's Removable Sinkers are also available in a 4 x pack of each of the six sizes; 1/4oz; 1/2oz; 1oz; 1 1/2oz; 2oz and 3oz (3 per pack). Convenient clam shell pack for easy storage or presentation.

Photos illustrate the nylon insert channel and how it is situated at the back of the sinker when inserted. This locks the leader onto the insert enabling the sinker to run up and down the line as desired. Note that head of the insert is always pointing down the line to the ocean floor.

For a quick and easy removal simply slide the sinker off the nylon insert. No more retying or cutting the rig in order to add or remove weight in a hurry.

Remember: you don't have to tie the nylon insert onto the rig during assembly.

Full instructions are included with each pack.


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