Fresh Water Ultimate Landing net - L'll beauty!



Rusler's Collapsible/Folding Landing net has 6mm s/s frames with a triangular opening circumference of 1200mm;  unique propriety design folding/locking spring loaded mechanism with stainless steel components; Aluminium or Stainless steel handle to 570mm; Digital pocket scales to 25Kg included with curl cord lanyard and alligator clip; deep, rubber coated braid mesh net bag option affords less water drag.....and will hold trophy fish up to 10Kg with ease.........Scabbard attaches to Net by security lanyard. If landing fish suddenly takes off when close to the net requiring both hands for rod and reel, just let got the net...... it remains attached to the scabbard!

Connoisseurs choice !

Scabbard sold separately  .. add $25

Excellent small boat net for easy, convenient storage

5 years manufacturers warranty.

Made in New Zealand by Rusler Fishing Ltd.


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