Rusler's all stainless steel JetSki Net



Rusler's all stainless steel JetSki net includes a 1500mm circumference s/s frame mounted on a 25mm s/s handle to 625mm length. It features a s/s solid ring as a locking nut one the handle (for securing net with bungee cord to rod holder). Two grips are positioned for:

1/. extra leverage when landing fish...

2/. preventing rubbing of handle against rod holder.

This model Jet Ski Net features our rubber coated braid net bag fabric that we sew to our own specification affording a deep net bag for those larger fish... as per photo... it is also extremely fish friendly and will not cause scale mucus loss if catch and release is  your option.

The price includes the Rusler heavy duty bungee leash with a S/S #316 snap hook at each end.

Price includes freight within New Zealand.

Freight cost to USA is approx. $NZ75.00 and Australia $35.00


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