Lure Pouches



Rusler's Lure Pouches are an intelligent way of storing your favourite fishing lures. Either in the `use now` position attached to your rod or for storing after use these Lure Pouches are a must have on all fishing craft.

We have made our Lure Pouches from a combination of PVC coated outdoor mesh; clear outdoor PVC and the velcro fastening system. Each pouch has a brass dome fastener to prevent the lure from rattling around inside the pouch and banging against your rod whilst moving fishing locations or in general storage.

Importantly the Lure Pouch protects you against the sharp swinging treble hook nightmare that's the bane of all fishermen....This paramount safety feature in all fishing genres from Kayak to Jet Ski to pleasure Fishing Boats large and small is an assurance against accidental, untimely and expensive self inflicted hook-ups.

Other important benefits of the Rusler Lure Pouch Include....

  •  The clear PVC window allows you to identify your lure immediately....
  • The Outdoor PVC mesh body of the Lure Pouch allows you to wash down the lure either on the rod or a static state.
  • We have incorporated a stainless steel `D` ring on the pouch. This allows you to hang the Lure Pouch in a convenient place on your boat to dry. 
  • We are offering the serious angler three size lure pouches  - Large  - 300mm x 150mm, folded ( 12inches x 6inches); Medium - 250mm x130mm, folded ( 10inches x 5 inches) and Small - 200mm x 130mm, folded ( 8inches x 5inches)

While priced at $NZ35.50 each we are offering an introductory  `Family Pack` of 4 pouches for $NZ125 including postage anywhere in NZ....

Please note the price does not include the lures which are a prop only to illustrate how they sit inside the pouch or wrapped around the rod. The 


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