Flying Gaff



Rusler's Flying Gaff is a quality piece of kit.. Manufactured from 16mm #304 stainless steel rod and formed into our diamond shaped head for a greater attack angle either from above or below the fish. The point is a machine milled with a three sided edge providing a dangerous cutting point and sharp edges that will glide through the toughest of scale or outer skin. A point guard is standard.

We use a quality marine grade polyester 14mm rope spliced onto the tig welded #304 s/s ring. The rope length complies with IGFA rules being just under 29foot in length and is also spliced at the bottom end.

The  separate release mechanism is an acetal attachment that screws onto our 25.4mm diameter Stainless Steel handle (can be sold separately to your desired length with two grip positions..) and is included in this price......


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