Rusler Bait Mates are a lightening fast, easy to use and simple way of rigging your Live Baits. They greatly reduce any stress caused to the live bait and allow you to return the bait into the water quicker than any other system. It's a rock solid twist free connection..Works perfectly on Skippies, Kahawhai, Jack Mackerel, Slimy Mackerel or virtually any other species of your choice. With the aid of the Application Tool you insert the DART (Bait Mate) through the roof section of the nose/mouth of your live bait. The Dart is designed to immediately release and rotate locking the BM in place in the roof of the mouth and will not come free. We recommend that you have already attached you BM at a desired length you want to the Barrel Swivel.Rubber ring.. For this Snood we recommend you use a suitable strength braid depending on the weight and size of your Live Bait. The rubber ring is then slipped over the hook you've selected (will fit hook size 5/0 thru to 22/0). The barrel swivel with the rubber ring connector comes as part of the system and uniquely allows the connection to remain twist free.. The key advantage of this system is speed and certainty of connection. The quicker you can transition from landing your bait and deploying it , the greater the chance of your healthy swimming bait being taken by your targeted species...By inserting the Bait Mate in the upper mouth cavity of the Live Bait you've eliminated any potential fatal injury to the fish. Your Live Bait returns to the water in the best possible state. Your Live Bait will now swim freely and naturally whether you are trolling, drifting or in a stationary position. 

A full set of instructions on how to prepare your Bait Mates is provided in the Brochure supplied with every pack. The introductory pack also includes : 1 x Application Tool; 5 x S/S Darts; 10 x Plastic darts & 10 Rubber Rings on Barrel.

All components of the Bait Mate system can be purchased separately in sealed pre determined quantity packs.

Replacement Darts are available via email ( and sold separately as follows;-

ROC082 - S/S Darts - Pack of  x 5     -  $30.00

ROC083 - Plastic Datrs - Pack of x 10 - $15.00

ROC084 - Barrel Swivels with rubber ring - Pack of  x 5 - $8.00. Will fit hooks from 5/0 thru 22/0

ROC081 - Application Tool - $27.00

Larger quantities of Darts available upon request.....

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